• History of town

    16. březen 2016 - Hlavní strana
    The first mention of the town is from 1257. The town Kaplice is situated in the pleasant region at the foot of the Novohradské mountains. It was founded in the early Middle Ages as the market village on the important trade route.
  • Program Kino Kaplice

    16. březen 2016 - Hlavní strana
    Actual program. Kino Kaplice, Linecká 305, Kaplice
  • Sights in Kaplice

    16. březen 2016 - Hlavní strana
    The oldiest historic building in the town is the church of St. Petr and Pavel. Probably it was built in the place of the original chapel of St. Mary, as indicates the late roman and early gothic fragments of stone pieces in the walling from the end of the 12th century or beginning of the 13th century...
  • Krampus gallery

    1. červenec 2015 - Hlavní strana
    Newly opened unique gallery in cellars of the former brewery.